About Us

Our Background

We at Novel Prints seek to go beyond being just a typical clothing business. We have done extensive research and development on our products and the processes associated with them. We focus on using premier suppliers, with the very best equipment and printing techniques to create superior products. We guarantee our clients’ and customers’ satisfaction.


Printing Processes

  • DTG Printing

    Direct to Garment printing offers full color digital designs with no minimum order quantity. While great at low quantities, DTG has the highest per unit cost. DTG must be printed on 100% cotton apparel.

  • Sublimation Printing

    Sublimation printing also offers no minimum order quantity and full color printing, with the exception of white. Sublimation can be used to print on polyester fabrics and other sublimatable surfaces.

  • Screen Printing

    Screen printing combines the most durable and crisp images, the cheapest per unit cost, and the widest variety printable apparel. Pricing depends upon the amount of colors in the design. Screen printing has a minimum of 10 products per order.

Partnership With DecoNetwork

Interactive Designer

  • Non-flash based designer therefore supports iPad, iPhone and other non-flash designers.
  • Supports DTG printing, sublimation, screen printing and embroidery.
  • Add text, designs and team names.
  • Select from clipart or upload your own designs.
  • Easy to use and highly visual.
  • Hundreds of fonts and thousands of designs!

Corel Draw Design Tools

  • Industry-unique embedded CorelDRAW® graphics engine.
  • CorelDRAW® vectors support in the online designers.
  • True vector TrueType fonts.
  • PANTONE in - PANTONE out!
  • Editable templates for creative flexibility.